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Virtual Communication Spaces

B2B Software-Application

Application areas

Business Meetings

Virtual meetings for discussing several topics plus additional possibilities such as audio and video recordings (Active and passive participator)

Product development

Virtual spaces to show development stages such as concepts, designs, functionalities, materialities


Virtual product demonstrations in specific showrooms, explanations, interaction and configuration possibilities


Virtual training for industry, medicine, research and much more


Technical support through virtual instructions and guidance


Virtual lectures, public relation events, workshops and more

B2B Software-Application

Advantages for companies

VR conferences instead of travel
Early and impressive presentations of product design, construction, materials, functionality and features as well as a considerable error minimization in communication allow for better coordination within of the company and increase efficiency. Meetings are quicker arranged which saves travel costs to a considerable extent. The sales department can act faster and bring products to the market more quickly. In the area of training and support, there are completely new possibilities for companies by using virtual communication spaces which lead to fundamental efficiency gains.

Cost savings
The cost of business trips in Germany alone is around 50 billion euros. Four years ago the travel budget of the Linde Group was nearly 170 million euros. If we are able to reduce the costs of the Linde Group by 1% through virtual company communication this means an annual saving of 1.7 million euros. And this is only one group out of over 1200 in Germany.

Safety aspects
There is a wide range of risks that travelers take onto themselves. Current events and the growing need for security are also reflected in the behavior of companies. In 2016 more than half of the companies with up to 500 employees have been dedicated to safety on business travel (53 percent), 46 percent in 2014. This increase of seven percentage points is also evident in the larger companies with more than 500 employees, 81% of whom are currently working on this topic (2014: 74%).

Ecological aspects
Environmental protection and sustainability have long been part of the philosophy of many companies. „Ecological correctness“ is not only a trend, but a pure necessity for the global community if climate change is to be stoped and CO² emissions are to be reduced.

Worklife balance
The effect of travel activity on the so-called „worklife balance“ is less realistic, but no less relevant. In case of a large number of employees, time loss and permanent travel stress, combined with a lack of compensatory opportunities and less time for family, creeping down the mindset and fostering the emergence of stress-related illnesses or lead to a change of job. Important employees can be lost to the company.

Health aspects
In addition to the health impairments that the employees are experiencing as a result of the travel activity, the stresses and the inertia are reduced by movement and the positive effect of the individualized spaces within the virtual reality.