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Virtual Communication Spaces

The next gen communication

Communication through Virtual Reality

B2B Software Solution
By using virtual rooms – the virtual Communication Spaces – we enable global Meetings, trainings, showrooms as well as product presentations and create the opportunity to join VR conferences with smaller as well as larger number of participants from any networked place in the world in. Whether active with VR Headset or passive using PC-based control.

B2C Software Solution
With our application, we not only offer the possibility of virtual showrooms and product presentations, but also enable individual consulting and sales discussions within the Virtual Reality. We also extend eCommerce through vCommerce product selection and shopping within the Virtual Reality.

C2C Software Solution
Internet forums and conventional communication via SMS, Whatsapp or similar is expanding in the future through VR chats – the meeting of several people with avatars within virtual spaces. Inside these spaces, products are viewed, discussed, interacted and the several experiences are exchanged.

Communication within the Virtual Reality offers your company unimagined possibilities as well as immense time and cost savings. Learn more about the benefits of Virtual Communication Spaces and talk to us about your requirements and wishes.

Are you looking for investment opportunities in a promising start-up company with an entrepreneurial management? Contact us and maybe we can support each other.

Cooperation partners
We are always on the lookout for cooperation partners in the field of Virtual Reality. Hardware Manufacturers, software developers or companies. We are grateful for any form of cooperation and mutual support.

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